Mind your FAQs


What type steel do we use?

Unless otherwise stated, we primarily use O1 tool steel and 1095 High Carbon for our cutting edges. O1 is a strong, dependable tool steel that offers great edge retention without being overly finicky. O1 contains .85 - 1% carbon along with a bit of Tungsten, Chromium, and Manganese. 1095 contains .9 - 1.03% carbon.

What is Forge Welding?

Forge welding differs greatly from modern arc welding techniques. It is an ancient process that involves heating both materials to the proper temperature in an oxygen poor fire, then hammering them into a single, cohesive piece.

What is the difference between forging and stock removal?

A forged blade allows for greater control of the material. Certain parts can be made denser and harder while other areas are left softer and more flexible. Forging allows you to manipulate the grain structure of your steel while leaving it intact. Stock removal undermines the grain structure leaving your blade with 'dead end grain' and weaknesses. You must think of steel like wood. It has grain and its there to help.

What is a laminated blade?

A laminated blade is a blade that consists of two different steels. The harder core, in our case O1, and a softer, protective envelope. These two steels are forge welded together to create a blade with maximum edge retention and the ability to withstand heavy abuse, twisting, and flexing.

What is a Wrapped Eye Axe?

A wrapped eye axe is an ancient method of creating a superior tool. A length of mild steel is forged into shape and wrapped back onto itself creating the eye of the axe. A high carbon bit is then inserted and forge welded to create the cutting edge. The grain of the mild steel wraps in a continuous path around the axe handle creating a tool that can withstand a lot of shock and stress.


O1 Steel

    O1 is a non shrinking oil hardening tool steel. It can be hardened to a Rockwell 65. O1 is an alloy which contains about 1% carbon along with a mix of Tungsten, Chromium, and Manganese.

Mild Steel

    Steel containing a low amount of carbon. Ductile and strong but not able to be hardened.


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